Introducing frequently asked questions



If you think it's a malfunction...

The power supply does not turn on.

Connect the power cable properly.

Replace with rated fuse.

If it is damaged, please contact us or your dealer for repair.

No welding when the gun switch is pressed.

Set two grounds on the base material.

If it is damaged, please contact us or your dealer for repair.

If there is a film on the surface of the base material, electricity will not flow and will not fire.
Peel off the film by sanding the parts to be grounded and the parts to be welded.

Welding even though the gun switch is not pressed.

Noise from other welding machines may enter and cause abnormal operation or failure.
Our welding machine has noise countermeasures, but noise outside the countermeasure range may enter.
If other welders are grounded on the same workpiece, or if they are used together on the same surface plate, use them alone.
Also, if another welder is working nearby, try moving it a little further away.

Occasionally remove the cover of the welder and blow with air.
If fine iron powder accumulates inside the welding machine, it may come into contact with electronic parts and cause abnormal operation.

If foreign matter enters around the gun switch, it may cause abnormal operation. Remove foreign matter and clean it.