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Automatic stud welding machine

CNC Series

CNC Series
  • Automatically feeds CD stud bolts and automatically welds them to the set welding position

    We manufacture automatic stud welding machines of various sizes, such as welding range X1800 x Y1200, etc., on a made-to-order basis. The image shows CNC0504 for welding range X500 x Y400 x Z150 (rising edge).


    Excellent weldability

    Stable welding of steel and stainless steel up to Φ10 Stable pressurization performance unaffected by season, temperature, etc., with robot on Z-axis


    Aluminum stud compatible

    Variable pressurization method realizes excellent weldability


    Excellent operability

    Automatically changes 5 types of chucks. Supports chucks up to φ16. Automatically welds 5 types of CD stud bolts. Manual stud welding is also possible by attaching a hand-type gun.


    simple operation

    Easy operation, even for beginners


  • Stable weldability up to φ10 of iron and stainless steel
    Stable pressurization performance, unaffected by seasons, temperatures, etc., due to the use of a robot on the Z-axis

    Axis travel speed



    Power input

    Three-phase 200V 25A (Single-phase 200V 25A for power supply of welding machine)


    Air used



    Number of bolt supply magazines

    Type 3 standard, type 5 maximum.


    chuck station

    Type 3 standard, type 5 maximum.


    Chucking diameter

    M3 to φ10, φ12 or φ16 depending on option


    Usable stud diameter

    M3 to φ10 φ12, φ16 (welding diameter φ10) by option


    Usable stud length



    Usable stud length



    Number of machining programs



    Number of processing points



    Numerical input support
    XYZ offset input
    Stud not supplied error
    Welder not charged error
    Point Cancel Function
    Base material hold down left and rightスタッド自動溶接装置 CNC1012 202203-02.mp4

  • Automatic Machine Gun Head

    Reliable positional accuracy and ease of maintenance ensure reliable use. It can be used with chucks up to φ16 mm. Automatic machine gun head is also available as a stand-alone product.


  • Stud Welding Machine for Automatic Machines

    FS-1000R5 is also available as a stand-alone product.


    Maximum Dissolving Diameter

    Iron and stainless steel up to M10 straight (welding diameter φ10)


    power (button on TV, etc.)

    Single phase 200V 25A


    Input frequency



    Maximum voltage



    Charging time

    6 seconds to 200V





    Main unit weight



    Capacitor capacity

    200V 264000μF


  • Applicable materials and weldable sizes

    Compatible materials

    Iron Stainless steel Aluminum


    Weldable size

    Male threads can be welded up to M10 flange (welding diameter φ11) Female threads can be welded up to φ10

    ※Female threads (fukuro nut) of steel are standard stock items Sten and aluminum fukuro nuts are made-to-order items. Aluminum stud bolts are manufactured up to M6. There are no aluminum stud bolts of M8 or larger.

  • accessory

    The products necessary for CD stud welding are included in the set. You can start welding right away by preparing CD stud bolts.


    power cable

    2sq × 3c-5m

    tool set
    Advanced parts

    Chuck M3 to M10, φ10, 1 each