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CD stud welding machine

Standard Series

Standard Series<br />
  • This is a lightweight, compact and long-selling machine.
    Focused on welding quality of small diameters such as M3 and M4
    Successor to FS-600GXA
    Capable of welding diameters up to Φ6

    Suitable CD stud materials: iron, stainless steel

    Male thread M6 with flange (up to welding diameter Φ7)

    ※Female threads in iron are standard stock items.


    Female threads in stainless steel and aluminium are made-to-order.

    Aluminium stud bolts are manufactured up to M6.

    Aluminium stud bolts M8 and above are not available.


    Stable weldability

    Equipped with an auto-lock function that prevents welding even if the switch is pressed until the battery is charged to the set voltage, preventing defective welding due to insufficient charge and ensuring stable welding.


    Excellent operability

    The FVC (Flash Voltage Control) function allows the voltage to be controlled up and down without switching off the power.

    Easy operation

    CD stud welding does not require welding gas or solvents, making it easy for anyone to weld.




  • New stud gun SGN gun adopted

    The ergonomic grip is lightweight and easy for anyone to handle.

    Positioning jigs can also be used.



  • Maximum voltage

    200 V


    Charging time

    Approx. 6 seconds up to 200 V


    H200 x W251 x D520 mm

    Main unit weight

    15 kg


    Capacitor capacity

    200 V 72000 µF

  • accessory

    The products required for CD stud welding are included in the set. Welding can be carried

    out immediately if CD stud bolts are prepared.

    stud gun

    SGN14 cable 14sq-6m

    (electrical) ground

    14sq-2-over-2 cable 3m x 2


    power cable



    tool set

    Hexagonal spanner Dedicated spanner Pressure gauge Tool box

    Tip parts

    Chuck M3-M6, ø6 each

    Holder Stopper Stopper for hook nut